Learning Arabic by Sightseering

We have prepared a unique program for the students of Arabic. It consists of two weeks day trips to various parts of Syria. You will get to see some of the most important Syrian historical and geographical landmarks while at the same time learning Arabic!

How do we do that?
Each second weekend on Friday/Saturday there will be a trip for the students to a chosen location. While taking pictures and chilling at the place, you will also be given information about the significance of the site in ARABIC. There will be a worksheet for you to read from and to learn new vocabulary. At the same time you will have a chance to chat with locals, not only your teacher and you will be exposed to daily language. We hope that this combined learning and traveling will be beneficial to our students and will add to their Syria experience and well as we hope to change a little the routine of a classical learning.

This program is not only for the students who are at the moment studying in the program, but to all foreigners who wish to practice their knowledge of Arabic in a creative and fun way!

Price per student per trip: about 40 – 50 dollars

The price includes:

  • Transportation to and from the site
  • Lunch
  • Learning materials

The price does not include:

  • Entry ticket to the site if there i sone (note that to most of the Syrian touristic sites you pay approximately 150 SYP, do not forget to bring your Student card for some discounts)

The sites to be visited:

  • Sayyidnaya and Maaloula
  • Mar Mousa monastery
  • Sayda Zaynab shrine
  • Bosra and Suweida
  • Krak des Chevaliers
  • Bludan and Zabadani
  • Bika valley in Lebanon
  • Beirut in Lebanon
  • October war Panorama

For more information and current schedule of the trips please contact us by email or telephone given at this site.